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Admissions Open House Information...there's still time to visit SRV!

Upcoming Open House:
Wednesday, April 23 from 9:30am-11:30am

Please contact 610-566-1088 or to arrange a personal tour.

May Fair Plant Sale

Participation in the May Fair Plant Sale helps to fund May Fair while you plan your vegetable and flower gardens.

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What's a Real Playground?

Should kids be given greater leeway to construct their own playful explorations? When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising

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The Overprotected Child

Great article in The Atlantic....Very worthwhile read and conversation starter

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What a New Parent Says about SRV

A new parent wrote us a letter about her first year at SRV. It's had a transformational effect on the whole family!

Read the Letter: "I completely get it. I have been converted!"

The Parent-Teacher Conference Partnership

A number of years ago, I interviewed Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot of Harvard Graduate School of Education. She had just published a book about parent-teacher conferences. I think we all find ourselves in her writing about one of education's universal experiences!

Read Todd's Interview with Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot....

The Frozen Water Trade

Ice is money, commerce, and magic.

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A New Distant Mirror

Todd's remarks from Back to School Night

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Adrift on Currents of Summer

Head of School Todd R. Nelson's commentary from The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 26, 2013.

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An A to Z of Volunteering at SRV

How would you like to get involved?

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Chapter One: The reader’s life for me

Head of School Todd R. Nelson's column from The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 11, 2013.

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What Grandparents say....

"They leap from the car and race to their classes with a kind of enthusiasm typically reserved for holidays or birthdays."

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What happens next?

Our alums are prepared for a variety of middle school programs. Read about their experiences after an SRV education—testimonials from parents and alums.

Life after SRV....

Got Poems? Poetry is our first theme of the year!

Helpful links for learning about poetry

Home for the Summer: A Story from Bead Ceremony

A story about a few significant members of our community and everyone’s search for suitable summer pasture.

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Home for the Summer: The Sequel

The further adventures of Dawn and Dusk and how Dan brought them back into the fold.

What we heard at opening day assembly....

Our New Car Smell

Welcoming new parents to SRV, to a new school year—to school!

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Paddling to the sea: The Power of imaginative play

There's a canoe in the kindergarten. And so much more....

Read the article about SRV in the C.S. Monitor

Philadelphia Inquirer: How We Measure our Lives

Op-Ed commentary by Todd R. Nelson, December 1, 2013.

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Shopping is SRV

If you're spending money at Target, and especially Amazon, your purchases can benefit SRV. It's easy! Be sure to register for these programs.

Learn more about shopping benefits for SRV

SRV's FaceBook Conversation

We posted a statement on our FaceBook page, and got some lovely, amusing, poignant responses! Complete the sentence in your own words, from your own experience....

You just might be an SRV family...

The View from PEN

Tom Little, Head of School at Park Day School in Oakland, and Progressive Educator Network Board President, visited SRV last March during his country-wide tour of progressive schools. Here's his blog about the visit.

Read Tom Little's Blog about visiting SRV

What Current Parents Say about SRV

Every so often, we get a nice note, or reflection on why people have chosen this school for their children. Here's a sampling.

Read What our Parents Say....

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